We’re a new London-based consumer technology company on a mission to remove barriers between people and the technology we all use. By designing intuitive and smart technology that improves our lives without getting in the way Nothing wants to bring back artistry, passion, and trust. We want to help people unlock new and meaningful experiences not just in consumer electronics, but also in life.

Nothing Roadmap


  • October

    Company Creation

    This is where our journey began, where we pressed a giant reset button and founded Nothing.

  • November

    $7M Seed Financing Round

    We raised $7m in seed financing from friends and investors who share our mission, including Tony Fadell, Casey Neistat, Kevin Lin and Steve Huffman.

  • December


    We unveiled Nothing’s mission. To remove barriers between people and technology, and create a seamless digital future.


  • January

    Nothing Raised $15M in a Series A Round Led By GV

    GV joined the Nothing mission and invested $15 million in our Series A round, propelling us forward on our journey.

  • February

    Teenage Engineering

    We unveiled Teenage Engineering as a founding partner of Nothing, with Tom and Jesper being the visionaries behind our product designs.

  • March

    $1.5 Million in 54 Seconds

    Our first community funding round only took 54 seconds, making it the fastest project to surpass $1M via crowdfunding in Europe.

  • March

    Concept 1

    Concept 1 embodies our design principles, which have guided the development of our first products over the past several months.

  • JUNE

    Keynote Announcement

    Mark your calendars. 27 July 2021 is the day we are unveiling ear (1).

  • July

    StockX Blind Drop

    StockX sells the first out of 100 limited units of ear (1) for over 1,000 USD.

  • July

    ear (1)

    This is it: ear (1) is here. Raw beauty meets precise sound for a pure sound experience.

Meet the Investors

  • Google Ventures

    Series A Investor

  • Steve Huffman

    CEO and Co-founder of Reddit

  • Kevin Lin

    Co-founder of Twitch

  • Josh Buckley

    CEO of Product Hunt

  • Liam Casey

    Founder and CEO, PCH

  • Paddy Cosgrave

    Founder of Web Summit

  • Casey Neistat